Program & Admission

London Family Farm Day 2014 will be packed with fun-filled and interesting activities organized for kids and members of the attending families.  Things inherited and ways of life in the olden days at London Heritage Farm will be highlighted in many activities of London Family Farm Day.  Checkout for the latest updates on the program and click on the [read more] link whenever you found it to learn more about the related activities.

As you follow us on this blog, we hope you can have ample information to plan ahead on how you and your family will participate in the activities on that day.  We also hope you will share with your friends that you think would be interested in joining you in this event.

Date & Time
August 16, 2014 (Sunday), 10 am - 4 pm

London Heritage Farm
6511 Dyke Road, Richmond BC

Adult: $2
Child: Free

  1. Pony Ride [read more]
  2. Petting Zoo [read more]
  3. Nylon Zoo [read more]
  4. Stories on Wheels [read more]
  5. Kids Woodwork [read more]
  6. Kids Crafts
  7. Face Painting [read more]
  8. Butter Making [read more]
  9. Yarn Spinning [read more]
  10. Fresh and Organic from Allotment Gardens [read more]
  11. Concession - Bake Sale [read more]
  12. Gift Shop/Tea Room
  13. Live Music
  14. More ......