Friday, August 1, 2014

Fresh and organic from our Allotment Gardens

Our Allotment Gardeners at London Heritage Farm have been working hard on their plots and preparing for the harvest of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs that can be put up for sale on London Family Farm Day.

If you have ever walked through the west lawn of London Heritage Farm in the summer time, you will see those amazing allotment gardens filled with an incredible variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. We are still not sure what will be available from the harvest on that day and so, it is a secret that can only be lifted by the time you are there.

Click to see what were in our Allotment Gardens last year in August!

When you drop by and shop in this miniature farm market on London Family Farm Day, you will be greeted by many of our Allotment Gardeners. They will surely be happy to share with you their fun, knowledge and experience in gardening and organic farming.

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