Friday, August 1, 2014

Fresh and organic from our Allotment Gardens

Our Allotment Gardeners at London Heritage Farm have been working hard on their plots and preparing for the harvest of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs that can be put up for sale on London Family Farm Day.

If you have ever walked through the west lawn of London Heritage Farm in the summer time, you will see those amazing allotment gardens filled with an incredible variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. We are still not sure what will be available from the harvest on that day and so, it is a secret that can only be lifted by the time you are there.

Click to see what were in our Allotment Gardens last year in August!

When you drop by and shop in this miniature farm market on London Family Farm Day, you will be greeted by many of our Allotment Gardeners. They will surely be happy to share with you their fun, knowledge and experience in gardening and organic farming.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Build your first Bird House or ....

Learning to build something out from scratch is always a great fun and achievement for kids. We have invited the Kids Workshop Team of Home Deport to run a Kids Workshop on site on London Family Farm Day.

Come learn how to build a Bird House, a Bug House or a Mini-Crate Pencil Holder with hammer, glue, paints and wood. These free hands-on workshops are designed for kids ages 5 - 12 and parents are welcome to join them to work on the project together. All participating kids will get to keep their craft, receive a certificate of achievement, a Workshop Apron.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Butter Making in an old fashioned way

How butter is made in the olden days is probably a very common question kids have asked their parents. Come out on London Family Farm Day and you will have the answer there.

Our volunteers will be showing the magic of how to make butter out from milk in the old fashioned way using a ceramic churn and a wooden dasher.

Kids can try making some butter themselves through our activity booth that will be available at the event. At the end, they can taste or bring home some of their own hand-made butter. Mmm!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

No kidding - It's a huge Salmon

Ta Daa Lady (Angela Brown) is bringing in the inflatable Salmon and nylon costumes to London Family Farm Day this year for her Nylon Zoo costumes parade and interactive storytelling program. The Zoo program is scheduled to run 4 to 5 times during the event with each time to last for around 25 minutes.

When the program starts, Ta Daa Lady will welcome the participating kids and parents or family members at the gated area where they get ready to take part in the Nylon Zoo. After choosing a costume to dress up, they will then parade around the site and stop in an open space to do a dance where each participant gets to dance or act out, his or her animal. When they return, they will enter the inflatable Salmon for the interactive storytelling by Ta Daa Lady.

The creator of the Nylon Zoo is Evelyn Roth; a world-renowned artist in both fabric art and wearable art and a world-renowned visual and performance artist. Evelyn is the creator of these unique and colorful inflatable sculptures and costumes for parades. She is originally Canadian but she now resides in Maslin Beach Australia with her talented painter husband John Davis (

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