Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey Kids - Pony Ride will be back again!

All records in the past show that Pony Ride is always the hottest program for kids and so, it will be back again this year.

It is known that humans started to rely on horses as a means of transportation as far back as around 4500 BC. Long before the arrival of gasoline-powered vehicles, horses were used for transportation, for work or for pleasure.

In the olden days, many kids learned to ride on horses at an early age, but today pony rides are mostly for fun and pleasure.  According to May (London) Mack's recollections of her growing up on the London Farm, her sister Lucy "rode the Shetland pony" and so, Pony Ride is truly part of the London family heritage.

Judging by the usual long queue for Pony Ride on London Family Farm Day in previous years, it is undoubtedly an activity that kids love and get excited about.

Kids both in age and at heart will surely love interacting with ponies and getting to experience pony riding in a safe and fun environment.

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